Pre- school

Our pre-school section has 3 classes; baby class, middle class and reception class. The reception class ushers our learners into primary school.

Pre-school learners

Primary School

Our learners start of in grade 1 and go all the way to grade 7. To mark the completion of primary education our learners sit for their first national exam under the Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ).

Primary School learners

Junior Secondary

After successfully passing their grade 7 exams our learners start their two year preparation for their junior secondary national exams which is written in grade 9. Our ability to host the national ECZ exams makes it convenient for our learners.

Junior secondary learners

Senior Secondary

The last 3 years of our learners’ General Certificate of Education (GCE) journey begins in grade 10 through to grade 12. Learners sit for their finale examination under the Zambian Education curriculum under the ECZ. At this point pupils are ready for tertiary education and beyond.

Senior secondary learners